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Things I am passionate about

Impactful work

It’s important for me to work for meaningful causes. In my day job, I am the Head of People for SiloGen, an GenAI startup that is building safe human-centric AI products. I am also working on a side hustle where I help female solopreneurs proactively develop their business by optimizing their business processes and systems and coaching them in crystallizing their focus and goals.

Lean life

I am obsessed with making life easier and more fun through lean processes, systems and ways of collaboration. This also includes leading a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle. Me and my husband Tommi share our best inventions in our Lean Life blog and in the 10 episodes of Lean Life podcast.


Equality has been close to my heart for a long time: I founded Aalto Women in Business in 2012 and I’ve done a lot of mentoring & workshops for women. After becoming a mum and working as a recruiter, I’ve come to think that equality is not enough – what we actually need is equity I have held trainings on job hunting and self leadership for foreigners in Finland and am currently mentoring POC artists to level the playing field.

Community building

As an extreme extrovert I love getting to know new people and also connecting people to each other. I love to network and build communities both in the work context as well as in my free time. As a small side project I have created a webpage for all the families with kids in my neighborhood. I also love to organize social gatherings like big Halloween parties.


Curiosity has been a key driver in many of my most important life choices. It has not only led me to live in several countries but also to make bold career moves based on what I wanted to learn next. Currently I am extremely curious about how GenAI is going to dramatically change the role of humans both in work life and in general.

Foreign cultures & languages

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved learning new languages & exploring different cultures. I grew up in Helsinki, Finland but have lived in Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Germany (twice) and tried to take the best parts of each culture with me. I love learning new languages (especially slang!) and speak 5 fluently.