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Tech I enjoy

I have always seen technology more as an opportunity than as a threat. I truly enjoyed my university studies in economics but if I would choose again now, I would definitely have picked something that would have included more technology topics. Luckily nowadays there’s a lot you can study voluntarily in your free time

Here is a list of some of my favorite gadgets and apps:

  • ​​Oura – I started using the Oura ring when it first came out and my love for it has simply grown deeper. The app gives great insights especially on your recovery and  
  • Fitbit – I use Fitbit Alta activity tracker band, which is great if you just want to measure your steps and have a wrist watch.
  • Heiaheia – Great app for logging sports activities. You can use it also to design sports plans and share your logs with friends. You can connect your Fitbit logs to Heiaheia.
  • Todoist – Best to-do app ever! I’ve been a loyal user for over 10 years now. I use two separate accounts – one for work and another for my private affairs.
  • Duolingo – An amazing app for learning languages. 
  • Spotify – I listen to all my music on Spotify. I love their ready-made music lists as well as the possibility to create your own lists.
  • Podme – I really enjoy listening to podcasts and this one is the host of my favorite podcast Tuplakääk which focuses on celebrity gossip.
  • BookBeat – I have tried many audio book apps but this is my favorite one among the subscription services.
  • Stylebook – Virtual wardrobe app. You can photograph all your clothes, shoes and bags to get a great overview and create looks. Only available for iPhone/iPad.
  • Perifit – Best gadget + app for pelvic training for women – I promise it makes the insanely boring training a bit more fun.
  • Mousetimer – A life-saving app for all parents of small kids. When you need to get your kids to leave a place or do something, you can give them a time limit with the Mousetimer.
  • Screentime resctrictions for iPhone – Make sure you use the Screen Time settings to help you use your phone in a more healthy way. You can both restrict all apps (e.g. from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.) or the use of specific apps.
  • Notification settings – As I know I have the attention span of a squirrel when it comes to social cues, I make sure to minimize any unnecessary distractions by having zero sound notifications and blocking all – yes, I really mean all forms of – app-related notifications.